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Storage Shelves Project!

Another unplanned project...I really need to get my stuff together!

Here we go! I started with 2X4's, because they're available everywhere and they're an easy and inexpensive building material to work with. Now, this room is almost too small to work in, so building the frame was tricky. All I knew, was that I wanted the shelves to look like part of the room and I didn't want to block the window or exhaust fan.

I used 4 screws to attach the shelf supports to the posts, two from the inside and two from the outside.

The shelf supports are horizontal and the posts are vertical.

The shelf supports are giant rectangles that makeup the frame and the actual shelves sit on them.

For the supports, I used two screws to attach the end pieces to the two side pieces.

The posts are holding up the supports.

Add the middle supports when the frame is finished. You'll need supports every 24in/60cm.

I filled in the screw holes with wood putty and sanded it.

Yeah, this is a really easy build! Just posts holding up supports that look like ladders.

I painted the frame the same color as the room.

This is the same cedar I used for the ceiling!

I stained the wood the same color as the ceiling too and used black screws to attach it all to the supports.

I'm about to store so much stuff!


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