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Repainted Christmas Ceramics!

I know, I know.....why? Why spend all of that time, repainting Christmas ceramics?

Well, it does take a long time, but I think they look better and the similar colors make mismatched pieces match. Like they live in the same Christmas ceramics universe. Basically, I'm exactly like Zack Snyder and these ceramic kickknacks are my Synder's Cut.

What's that?

You hated the Snyder Cut?

Did somebody just ask: "Who is Zack Snyder?"

No time! Let's dive in!

Before pics:

I guess they're alright.

So, the first thing to do is prime.

I applied one coat of all-purpose primer and let it dry.

*It's better to use a high hiding primer/sealer, because they're awesome at one-coat coverage.

I don't have the primer/sealer combo in my area, so I needed to prime and then seal.

I started with a base coat of lily white.

Now the time consuming part! Waiting for sections to dry.

It's better to get the big areas and stuff in the background painted first. This makes it easier to paint the other smaller things. Check out the pic above. I wish that I painted the house, before the Santa and tree.

There's no way to rush this, but to speed up the dry time, point a fan at the paint.

I've seen people use hair dryers, but they don't work for me. I am not a fan.

I'm a fan of the fan.....a fan-fan, fam.

Before and afters:

I love how they look repainted!

I waxed these with Annie Sloan clear wax. The wax will protect the paint and make the colors pop.

You can also age with a dark wax.


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