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Conversation Topics!

March 3-9

What is your favorite cultural tradition?


  1. beliefs

  2. organization

  3. preservation

  4. principles

  5. values

Picking a favorite cultural tradition is tough for me, but Halloween popped into my head first. Yeah, if you know me, you know I love Halloween! For me, it's a celebration of creativity. I don't hold any religious beliefs, but I value the imagination. I think, the more you open yourself to experiences in life, the better you are able to concentrate and the better you will be able to imagine ideas and new concepts. The best part about Halloween is: It isn't important! Not even a little bit! No organization is actively trying to preserve Halloween traditions, but it comes back every year and those who celebrate it by using their creativity and imagination make the best memories.

March 10-16

What do you want to do in five years?


  1. future

  2. plans

  3. dream

  4. hope

  5. uncertain

I don't have dreams, I make goals and I don't hope for things to happen; I chase them own and tackle them. I live my life like a linebacker! So, In five years, I want to be completely finished with remodeling my house. It's an attainable goal and I think all goals should be attainable. It's what separates goals from dreams. I don't look at the future as some uncertain thing either, because the future simply doesn't exist yet. Uncertainty makes us worry, so It's best to use our imagination to picture the future and stop worrying about it. Check this out: Wood is about double the price compared to just a couple years ago. Yikes! We can plan for the future, but we also need to be flexible. The brand of paint I used to paint my school discontinued the color. WTF! The color I picked for my school. LOL! Yeah, so we need to roll with the punches or we'll get knocked out. Maybe it's better to dream big.

March 17-23

The main things that motivate me are…


  1. goals

  2. potential

  3. habit

  4. reward

  5. fulfillment

The main things that motivate me are: me, myself and I. I have no idea why people aren't their own biggest fan. Try rooting for yourself sometimes! I motivate myself by putting my goals in writing. I think we all have unrealized potential and the only reason some of us don't do great things is because we don't try. Yeah, so when I have a goal in writing, I make working toward it a habit and I plan for trouble along the way. There's always trouble, but trouble forces us to grow into stronger people. Accomplishments are always rewarding and if they're not, you need to modify your core beliefs. We all should be motivated! Motivation is in us somewhere and It's our job to find it and uncage it. Don't be a meatloaf!

March 24-30

What do you think about love languages?


  1. affirmation

  2. quality time

  3. expressing

  4. errands

  5. symbolize

I think love languages are extremely important for a happy relationship. We're all different, so I think love languages change depending on the culture, but generally speaking there's 5: Acts of service, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch. Talking about love is a kind of taboo in Japan and it feels like most folks are posturing when talking about it. Why? I've been married for about half of my life and our love language is something we created. It's outside of our culture and upbringing. It's something we built from the 5 general acts I listed above plus respect. I think love needs to be expressed and It's all about respect, trust, empathy and growing together. I also think there is no love without affection, intimacy and passion. I love Batman though, but I don't want to get intimate with him.


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