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Easy Dollar Store Christmas Jars!

We throw a "Christmas Cake Party" every year and give out candy jars as a gift. This post is how we made dollar store mug jars look hundred billion dollar store mug jars.

This is a finished embossed mug jar.

Is the jar small or is my hand gigantic?

First, tape off the threads, so you can screw the lid on. You don't want to paint this part.

Next, paint with chalk paint, we used Annie Sloan paint.

I know, I know! Annie Sloan Paint is expensive and you can make your own chalk paint. Please share your chalk paint recipe in the comments! I love DIY chalk paint, but my super-awesome-lovely-perfect wife Mariko doesn't. She's been hypnotized by Annie Sloan products!

Anywho, Annie Sloan paint is awesome and easy to use. You don't need to prime the glass first either! Just paint away.

We used Annie Sloan original for the jars and Annie Sloan Primer Red for the lids.

The jars and the lids needed three coats of paint.

Next, you'll sand over the embossment like a boss...Ba Dum Tsss!

These are the finished jars with some swag wrapped under the lid.

We found that fresh looking swag decor in the dollar store around the fake flowers area.

The last step is to fill the jars up with candy! Hooray!

These make awesome gifts and we even made a bunch of extras to display.

Christmas cake party time y'all! These were mostly made by children!


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