Why do I decorate?

I think a better question is "Why don't YOU decorate?" You don't need to answer it though, because I know the answer. It's the same answer I've heard a million times.

Mendokusai |めんどくさい | Men-doku-s-eye.

For me: decorating is life-enhancing! It creates a backdrop to help me enjoy life to its fullest. I'm an artist and I want to be surrounded by art. I'm a collector and find meaning in everything even little knickknacks. Every room in my house has its own personality and makes me feel a different way. My family loves art as well and we often work on our house together as one big art project.

How about you? Inside your house is probably all white, right? There's nothing wrong with that, but..why? You'll say, because you're a minimalist, but a minimalist who enjoys going to Disney, summer festivals and watching overly decorated variety shows on TV. Image those places all white. Now, I have no problem with simple, minimalist design and decor, but image someone visiting your house and asking: "Why don't you decorate?"

Well, I am a huge decorator and I often get asked "Why do you decorate?" I get asked this question a lot and it's weird! This is considered a tongue and cheek questions meaning: the question is mocking. I sometimes try to turn the question into a conversation on why we do and do not decorate, but it goes nowhere. Dead in its tracks.

I'm really interested in why some people consider decorating frivolous. I think we all can agree decorating makes houses more fun, people especially kids happier, relaxing easier and talking more intimate.

How do you decorate?

Why don't you decorate?

Do you hang pictures in your house?

What makes a home a home?

Does your home promote joy, togetherness and celebration or is it just a place you sleep until you go back to work or meet your friends somewhere? The answer is subjective, but it needs to be more meaningful than "Mendokusai."

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