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Painted Dollar Store Christmas Figurines!

I found these great ceramic Christmas figurines at the dollar store!

This post is how I painted and aged them.

Yeah, way too shiny!!

The before.

Awesome as is, but I wanted to give them some texture along with some more colors.

This is an easy project!

I used:

-Annie Sloan Original (white) chalk paint

-Christmas colors in milk paint and chalk paint (acrylic paint will work too)

-Annie Sloan Clear Wax

-Annie Sloan Dark wax

You don't need to prime if using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Just start painting!

This is the first coat and let it completely dry before painting on the second.

I like chalk paint, because it adds a nice texture.

This is two dried coats of chalk paint. They look great in just white!

The colors I used are:

-Annie Sloan Emperors Red Chalk Paint

-Turner's Black Milk Paint

-Turner's Navy Blue Milk Paint

-Turner's Pistachio Milk Paint

-Daiso Natural Green Milk Paint

-Pantone Dark Brown

-Americana Light Mocha

-Americana Moon Yellow

-Deco Art Gold Metallics

-Delta Creative Purple

I used a bamboo skewer to paint on the eyes, noses and mouths.

You can use any paint over the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

These are sealed with one coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

You'll only need one coat of clear wax.

You can wax them the same day just as long as the paint is completely dry. You don't want to smear the paint with the wax.

This is just the clear wax.

This is one coat of the dark wax over one coat of the clear wax.

You NEED to use the clear wax first! The dark wax sits on top of the clear wax and it easily wipes off until it is dry.

It's amazing what a little paint can do!


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