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Mosaic Stained Glass Windows

I took down the curtains and added two gorgeous mosaic stained glass windows.

I know what you want to ask me!

"Bryan, did you buy these from a cathedral or pluck them out of my dreams?"

Nay, I did not! I made these beauts and you can too!

These windows are simply pieces of scrap stained glass glued to a pane of glass that is secured in a frame and grouted over like tile.

Please watch the video for more details!

The frames are three pieces of wood assembled together. The window pane sits on the FRAME against the FRONT and the SASH holds it down.

These are the windows without the glass pane and sash. The glass goes into the back of the window and the sash is screwed in on top of it, to hold it into place.

The sash sits on top of the window pane and gets screwed into the frame.

This pic is of the window pane in the frame without the sash.

The caulk is optional.

This is all scrap stained glass and I found it on Yahoo Auction Japan.

I used masking tape to make guide lines on the back of the windows.

For glue, I used Cemedine clear multi-purpose adhesive.

I did this mosaic freehand. The glue I used bonds in sceonds, so it was tough to get progress shots. I knew I wanted three flowers to kind of mirror each other, so I built on that.

*Leave some space for grout! You don't want the glass touching.

Black grout! Just grout like you would any tile job.

When the grout is dry, there will be some dried glue and specks of grout on the glass. The easiest way to get the junk off is by scraping.

You might need to repaint the the frames depending on how clean you were grouting.



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