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How to make wooden Santa Clauses!

Yeah, I know...adorable!!!

Here's how to make them!

The only difficult part of this project is cutting the wood! I recommend a sliding compound miter saw and if you don't have one, it's a purchase you won't regret. Cheap ones are under $200.

The main difference between a sliding compound miter saw and a compound miter saw is the rail or rails on the sliding saw. These rails allow you to slide the saw back and forward as you cut. Easy peasy cuts!

For cutting the wood you'll need:

-Square wood post. I used 45x45mm (about 2x2in).

-Ruler to measure the middle point.

-Marker to mark the middle point.

-Sanding sponge or sandpaper to clean up the cuts.

All cuts are 45 degrees.

It's pretty easy! The red dashed lines are for reference.

Now that the Santa shapes are all cut, it's time for the fun part!

A gel type super glue works better then a glue gun. Trust me! You should also put a bead of super glue behind the pushpin nose.

It's cute pictures time!

I hold seasonal workshops for kids and they made these last year.

What I've learned is:

It's best to have kids outline the beard and hat so they have an easier time painting. When the Santa is dry, have them draw a dot where the nose and eyes will be. Paint mistakes are easily erased with sandpaper, but the eyes are not, because the magic marker absorbs into the wood. It's better for adults to handle super glue and add the cotton ball on top. After applying a bead of the gel super glue on top, push the cotton ball down for a couple minutes, or until it's set.

You know a Christmas workshop is not complete without something sweet to eat!

These little guys look awesome and can be placed anywhere in your house!

Stay tuned for my wooden Halloween characters!


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