Hallway Wallpaper Project

最終更新: 6月3日

I'm about to change things up in the upstair hallway! Change things up big! I love the look of it now, but it's just too dark. Especially after having that roof window removed. I'm talking, tripping over the cats at night kind of dark. Speaking of those cats, they just started jumping up and hanging out on top of the clocks.

"Get off the clock Pugsley...PUGSLEY!!"

In the morning, all of the clocks are stopped. Thanks Pugs.


The idea started here. I had the old roof window removed when the house was painted last year. The roofer asked me If I wanted the final fix wallpapered over and I said no, because I planned on removing all of it in the future. He fixed the roof, insulated the void and for some reason nailed up some weird flooring. I saw it the next day, but couldn't say anything, because he's a really old sweet man. I'm such a pansy! The same guy measured for in-floor storage in the kitchen and used a nail to draw on the wood floor to mark measurements. Those measurements weren't used and now there are nail lines on the kitchen floor. I.am.a.pansy!

And here is the wall! That's the original 30+ year old wallpaper that's in all of the hallways. It's still in good shape. Not my top pick of wallpaper. Not even top 50. Wallpaper is all the rave in Japan! Bees knees y'all! Usually white and all of the designs are similar. I had a wall professionally wallpapered in my lesson room and the guy gave me a book full of wallpaper that all looked the same. I thought he was messing with me! "It's all the same!" Yeah, folks aren't big on painting walls over here either. What they must say about me! That wall up there will be an accent wall

I'm putting in new baseboards. That color on the wall is named khaki green. It's a special kind of paint for wallpaper. There's not a huge selection of wallpaper paint colors so it was between khaki green and grey. The restroom is grey...hooray khaki green! The baseboards are going to be a color named brown-black. I thought the baseboards would look cool the same color as the wall, but I couldn't have been any wronger! (Chandler Bing voice)

The crown molding is going to get changed up too. The bottom molding on that is just base shoe. I'm going to pull it off and stick on some cavetto. The ceiling is going to get changed and I'm really excited to get started on that. First up is removing the wallpaper on this wall. Oh man, I hope it comes off easily!

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