What is Halloween anyway?

Short answer is it's an old tradition that has evolved into a time for activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating treats. Going into the origins of Halloween is a rabbit hole of information. The most important thing to know is that not everybody recognizes it, not everybody celebrates it and if you do, you should put in some effort.

Halloween is one of my favorite events, because I like decorating, throwing parties and wearing costumes. It offers endless opportunities to be creative!

My town half-heartedly holds a Halloween event. They do it without any real effort, interest, or enthusiasm. It's baffling, because I live in this town! Me! Mr. Halloween. Yeah, I tried to help once, but it did not go smoothly! These parents aren't interested in costumes, decorating or Halloween food.

Like most school gatherings and events in Japan, Halloween is overplanned down to the last detail. Everything is seamless, predictable and boring. It has become a staid occasion lacking any joy.

The essence of fun is spontaneity. The opposite is impulsiveness. We need to teach children the difference.

Effort is the best indicator of interest. How much effort do you put into a Halloween costume?

There is importance to a good costume, especially when a kids wearing it. The Halloween costumes our kids wear is a little bit more than just a costume. Think about it! Costumes let them feel like someone else. Who are we allowing them to feel like? A superhero? A monster? Their favorite character? An athlete?

Do you just buy a Daiso witch hat and send your kid to the Halloween event?

Do you wear a costume yourself? I can hear the excuses now!

Excuse #1: Halloween costumes are expensive!

-The best costume is a homemade costume. You're paying for convenience when you buy one.

Excuse #2: Shy!

-This is an excuse for everything in Japan.

If you're shy, don't go to a Halloween party silly!

My Halloween events are coming up soon and I hope you're as excited as I am.

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