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Easy Miniature Christmas Village Trees!

Do you have a Christmas village? Here's an easy way to make snow covered bare trees in about 20 minutes!

"Dang, did you shrink down a real tree with a shrink ray?"

If you make these trees, get ready to hear that question all day long.

First you'll need to buy some flower arrangement wire. Check your local dollar store first. It's also called spool wire or florist wire. Get the stuff with the paper covering, because glue bonds to it better.

Take 10 wires and twist and bend them in away to start the trunk and create long and shorter branches. The bend is the base.

Cut some wires into pieces with your scissors for more branches.

These wires are incredibly easy to work with, just make sure that they are twisted as tight as possible.

Wrap more wire starting from the bottom of the tree to make the trunk and lower branches thicker.

Now it's time for the base. Cut any shape out of cardboard. You'll need white glue sticks and a hot glue gun. If you can't find white glue sticks, it's not a problem. Just paint the dried glue white.

Push the tree into the cardboard and hot glue around the base building up support with the hot glue.

The whole base and edges will be hot glued over and the tree should be sturdy.

I used fast drying spray glue and chalk powder. You can also mix in joint compound and grind up white sidewalk chalk. Anything that looks like snow should work.



*The powder will come off a little, especially when you move the tree around.

They look sweet though!

Double sweet


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