Ceiling & Lights!

Still learning how to blog! Is short and simple better than long and wordy?

It's looking good!

The biggest challenge is removing the wallpaper from the ceiling! Man, it is messy. It's so messy, I'm removing it in sections. My system is: remove, sand, seal, add the plywood and then paint. The plywood is attached to the ceiling joists and I'm not using any adhesives for the wood in contact with the ceiling.

The original lights in the hallway were deep recessed ones. Strangely deep! Like, you're forearm deep in the ceiling when changing a lightbulb deep. I like recessed lights but not those, so I changed them for hanging stained glass pendants. The pendants were awesome, but not bright enough, so I'm changing things up again. Now, I'm going with twist lock sockets.

I installed braces to secure the sockets to.

Twist lock sockets. These are the norm in Japan. Most lights sold are fitted with these connectors.

I found these gnarly little LED disks at the home center.

This wall will become a wallpapered accent wall! I'm super excited about the wallpaper.

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