Baseboards and stuff!

最終更新: 6月23日

Adding height to these old baseboards!

It might be easier for you to just remove the old baseboards, but be super careful to not damage the drywall and wallpaper. I decided to retrofit mine with some plywood and trim. First, I stripped the paint and gave the old baseboards and nice sanding.

I cut some plywood the same thickness as the baseboards and installed it on top using the studs and glue. You don't need the glue, but you need to attach the new wood to the studs.

I used 4mm thick plywood as a cover and installed it using screws and glue. I'm going to fill in the screw holes with wood putty and then sand. The holes are unrecognizable after painting.

I covered the top with a nice cap trim and attached it with screws and glue.

Make sure you use paintable caulk!

Man, stripping paint is tough!

I've changed my mind on the khaki green. I'm going all white!

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